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  • Dila Uzun

    Dila Uzun

    Growth Editor @ Start it up + Curious + Geek Culture

  • Owen


    Passionated about Pharmacovigilance, improving business and technology alignment to impact the safety of the patients.

  • Linh Nguyen Ngoc

    Linh Nguyen Ngoc

  • Jordi Bassaganas

    Jordi Bassaganas

    Writing about web development and chess. Founder of ChesslabLab github.com/chesslablab. Support programarivm.medium.com/membership.

  • Domenico Nicoli

    Domenico Nicoli

    Backend Developer (C#, VB.NET, Microsoft SQL Server), iOS developer (Swift). Parma, Italy 🇮🇹 https://linkedin.com/in/domenico-nicoli-5738ba15a

  • Daniela Mosso

    Daniela Mosso

    In general, I seek to make my readers have a healthy life and that they can know how to do it through the articles that I write.

  • Daniel Schulz

    Daniel Schulz

    Lead Architect

  • Dick Dowdell

    Dick Dowdell

    A US Army Vietnam War veteran with a wonderful wife and family, I’m a software architect and engineer who also loves building and messing about in boats.

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